Sunday, September 26, 2010



I went on my first real hiking adventure. there's this place in San Gabriel Valley mountains called the "bridge to nowhere." allegedly, it was to be a bridge connecting San Gabriel Valley and Wrightwood when a flood washed out the road at the end in 1938, the construction team basically abandoned the project as well as all hope for humanity. today, the bridge remains... serving absolutely no purpose as it leads nowhere but the side of a mountain. anyway, the only way to reach this bridge is a 4.5-5.0 mile trip through dirt trails, piles of rocks, and across the San Gabriel River (in actuality, the river is to be crossed 6-8 or so times before arriving at the actual bridge).  back to the story.... so around 2.5 miles into the hike my group of friends and i find the perfect place to just hang out: a section of the river-shallow and calm enough to partake in a dip-alongside a cluster of large, flat rocks perfect for setting down our (increasingly heavy) back packs. while we didn't end up finishing the hike and getting to the bridge to nowhere, we had a great time just hanging out and enjoying the outdoors. at the end of the day, it was more about having fun than actually accomplishing something. haha.


John's Incredible Pizza Co.!!!! this place is phenomenal. great pizza, fantastic desserts, fun games (guitar hero!!) and indoor rides worth riding (bumper cars? shiiiiieeettttt). it's basically Chuck E Cheese's gone super saiyan 4 (or for you naruto fans out there: sage mode). their pizzas may be small, but they're all you can eat and offer a wide variety of toppings. me personal favorites were the cheeseburger and fiesta pizzas. oh lord and the desserts! they had these mini donut things that tasted exactly like funnel cake. place was the shit. however, like all good things, it had to come to an end. by the time we got back to my aunt's everyone was ready to knock out, so we did.

and that's all i have to say about that....

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