Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, the 22nd

the date in the title confusing you? well i figured i could use this blog occasionally to babble about how specific days of my life went (not unlike a woman on the first date when asked "how's your day been?"). HOWEVER, it would be imprudent if i allow myself to blog about the day before i know for sure it's over, wouldn't it? far be it from me to blog an unfinished story about an unfinished day...


what happened yesterday? jesus, ever since i ceased to employ any sort of routine, i've been completely remiss as to what day it is/was/is going to be. as you've probably figured by now, i'm a high school graduate. i've yet to attend college due to the fact that my mother simply can't afford it all on her own at the moment. i've spent most of the summer filling out applications to (what seems to be) around 40 different places and counting. alright, at this point, i'd like to inform you that this blog will no longer be about wednesday, the 22nd. rather it'll be about certain aspects of my summer/fall up until wednesday, the 22nd.

job hunting:
i think it goes without saying that my job hunt has thus far been unfruitful. what makes it worse is that my mother happens to be a sith in that she deals in absolutes. with her it's either i have a job, or i'm not even trying. honestly, i can't count the number of times she's lectured me on how i do nothing all day and that my not having a job can only mean that i'm not even trying. it's as if i need to have a job to make it apparent that i'm trying to get a job. wouldn't it make more sense that i'm trying because i don't have a job? why would i still be in the trying state if i already had a job. women.... anyway, one especially notable application i've filled out was for Yogurtland. prior to filling out that application, i was (as i'm sure a few of you were as well) convinced of the stereotype that working at Yogurtland made you "Asian". well, i'm here to tell you that that stereotype is only reinforced by the fact that their application includes a MATH EXAM. you read correctly... this wasn't one for a second grader, either. they instructed that you REFRAIN from using a calculator and one of the problems was 89 x 98. you'd HAVE to be Asian to comply.

anyway, that's all i have as far as my job hunt goes that i deem "worthy of a blog at all." since i don't know of any relevant way to end this post, i'll leave you with a provoking thought: horror and terror both convey a very negative energy. let's change it up to horrible and terrible (both of which are still lacking that positive zing). NOW let's change it up to horrific and *drum roll* terrific. this is one instance where the english language fails
to be consistent... terrific is a very POSITIVE thing, isn't it? that's right. mindfuck.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post, you have a good way of writing man!

    GL on the job hunting!

  2. Job hunting sucks Im going to have to do some myself soon

  3. Yeah I'm with crammarc, job hunting is one of THE worst activities that man is tasked with.

  4. Creating a schedule and goals for yourself is of utmost importance to be productive and stave off depression and apathy.

  5. nice post, easy read, liked it alot